• “I have been very impressed by Neil’s approach to mental wellbeing. Neil’s creative coaching experience offers practical ways to develop strategies to improve our mental health and wel-lbeing in a sustainable way. I highly recommend Neil”
    Dr. Richard Blennerhassett
    Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, St. John of God
  • “It is rare that you come across someone with the enthusiasm, creativity, drive and honesty as Neil. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Neil …….I was particularly impressed by his ability to articulate the challenges he and many others who experience psychological difficulties face, and to engage and motivate people in a personable manner. Neil has a rare combination of resilience, patience, vision and innovation. His engaging and informative style enhances what we understand about mental health and helps open doors to how we might understand and address such difficulties.”
    Dr. Pauline Moloney
    Senior Psychologist, HSE
  • “Rarely have I heard a speaker command an audience through the sheer power of his honesty as Neil, as he walked us through his rollercoaster battle with mental health through his wonderful snakes and ladders storyboard. He was able to connect with every single person in the auditorium…… For weeks afterwards, I’ve been receiving queries from many of our delegates on Neil’s presentation such was the profound effect Neil has had on them. Neil is a wonderful person with ferocious courage and integrity from whom we can all learn a great deal.”
    Adrian O’Sullivan
    Chairperson Environmental Health Authority of Ireland
  • “It was great to have Neil’s perspective on mental health and he could engage with the audience in a way that the other panellists could not…..his insight and articulation were invaluable for the completion of my own studies.”
    Joanne Owens
    Experienced fraud specialist, Bank of Ireland
  • Having Neil as our Keynote Speaker was an absolute pleasure. His approach to mental health showed immense sensitivity while also being incredibly approachable and practical. His ability to ‘tell a story’ is truly wonderful, as he faces the most difficult of subjects in the most inspiring ways. Perhaps the best aspect to my experience working with Neil was his warmth and generosity of spirit, as he ensures that every single person in a room feels welcomed and cared for.
    Aimée louise Carton
    CEO of KeepAppy
  • Neil presented to us here in Chartered Accountants Ireland and made an immediate impact. He was hugely engaging and had the audience's complete attention from the word go. While speaking to us Neil was entertaining, heartfelt and sincere as well as highly informative. How he articulates his own personal story while communicating the important things we all need to know about mental health within ourselves and those close to us was exactly on point and I highly recommend attending his talks whenever you get the chance.
    Dave Riordan
    Recruitment Specialist & Career Coach at Chartered Accountants Ireland
  • “First time I met Neil was at the Environmental Health Authority of Ireland event and he certainly made an impact, his honesty and openness in an area of mental health that is not often openly discussed (particularly for my gender and age group) was refreshing and in parts shocking too. Neil has a real commitment to facing mental health problems head-on, no swerving, no avoiding, no delaying. He never said he had all the answers, but what I took from meeting him was that he wants everyone to recognise in themselves if there is a problem, declare it and start to question what they can do about it.”
    David Duffy
    Chartered Environmental Health Officer, Scotland
  • “I was the organiser of the “Be Aware Prevent Suicide” Mental wellness Conference in 2015. Neil was recommended to me as a motivational speaker. From the first contact I made with him, he was so enthusiastic about the importance of the individual in maintaining our Mental health. He got that message across so well on the day and as a result achieved a very positive response from the audience. He was an inspiration. ”
    Deirdre Fee
    Chairperson Be Aware Prevent Suicide Conference
  • “I would recommend Neil to anyone looking to be motivated and inspired and work with someone who knows exactly what he is doing. Great energy, knowledge and experience. If you are struggling in life or work Neil understands clearly what is required to move forward. Highly recommended”
    Dave Riordan
    Recruitment Specialist & Career Coach at Chartered Accountants Ireland
  • I must say when I met Neil he came across as the most passionate person I have met. If you watch his ‘car video’ wow, you will be shocked. Clearly, that’s the problem with depression, we can’t see it. You’ve made a massive difference to my awareness in just 12 hours, so you’re doing an incredible job!!!
    Rob Magee
    CEO, Ingenio Global
  • “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Neil. He is an expert in his field not only focusing on goals but on getting results. He understands the needs of all he comes into contact with….”
    Roy McHugh
    Manager, Three Ireland
  • “Neil is outstanding to work with! He really motivates you to do your best. The experience is so creative, which I love……”
    Cassie McEnroe James
    Account Manager, GA Public Sector, State of Georgia
  • “I always find Neil to be enthusiastic, creative and reliable with huge expertise in his field. I have no hesitation in recommending anybody who is looking for a no-nonsense approach to great results to use Neil”
    Alan Ryan
    CEO, Hardman Events Ltd.
  • “Neil is the best coach I have worked with…..”
    Owen Daly
    Owner Haven Pharmacy Kennellys, Tralee
  • “Neil has energy, Passion, good humour, knowledge, honesty and respect. His personal disposition makes him ideally suited for the business he has started”
    Anne Marie James
    Partner at Kirwan McKeown James Solicitors
  • “Neil has a detailed knowledge of his subject and is totally expert in coaching…..”
    Val Andrews
    Sports Consultant, Sport’s Lecturer
  • “Neil is a motivating, experienced coach & speaker who is 100% committed to working with you to achieve your goals whatever they may be. Neil took the time to understand what goals I wanted to achieve and what was driving me to achieve them…..”
    Emma Daly
    Project Services Director at Aspira
  • “Neil has a detailed knowledge of his subject and is totally expert in coaching…..”
    Val Andrews
    Sports Consultant, Sport’s Lecturer