The Snakes & Ladders of Mental Health


EHA Conference

This is a unique and creative talk Neil has developed in order to open your eyes to mental health problems.

This talk is for the workplace as a whole; it is your colleague who openly talks about their mental health problems; it is for your ‘invisible’ colleague, the one who masks their problems in very creative ways and it is for YOU, those of you, thankfully, not dealing with a mental health problem, it gives you a ‘tangible’ insight into what some of your colleagues may be going through. He brings to the fore the ultimate goal, someone with mental health problems should strive for – access their power.
Neil brings you through 3 stages of the Snakes & Ladders pathway:
1. The ‘Experience’. Neil gives you a raw and honest insight into living with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. You will feel it.

2. The ‘Obstacles’. Neil explains why many people with mental health problems are reluctant to share and why others may be reluctant to offer support.

3. The Support. Neil explores what support means in relation to mental health problems and one does not need to understand what a colleague is going through in order to offer their support. Noticing someone is the first step towards ‘accessing their power’.

We work through FOUR stages 

Ask Campaign

Undertaken prior to each individual talk. This allows each of your team members to have input (anonymously) into the talk. The talk is tailor-made for your company’s needs.

Pre-read document

This short document is sent to the organiser prior to the workshop. Outline and structure of the talk. Allows for any additions or changes.


The talk is developed to meet the need of your company. Neil uses many visuals including video, pictures and colourful diagrams in order to give you that ‘tangible’ insight into life with a mental health problem. He pulls on his experience as in the areas of acting and improvisation in order to make the talk more interactive and personal to each attendee.


During the talk, Neil takes feedback from the attendees through, which is a web-based Q&A platform for live events for attendees to ask or answer questions via their phones, tablets or computers. Neil explores outstanding issues or areas of concern for attendees. The result is an insight as to where the company needs to direct more focus and Neil produces a list of recommendations as to how best to address these areas. Thus, making the companies approach towards mental health a sustainable one.

What has been said:

‘Rarely have I heard a speaker command an audience through the sheer power of his honesty as Neil……. through his wonderful snakes and ladders storyboard. He was able to connect with every single person in the auditorium…… For weeks afterwards I’ve been receiving queries…. such was the profound effect Neil has had on them. Neil is a wonderful person with ferocious courage and integrity from whom we can all learn a great deal.’ – Adrian O’Sullivan Chairperson Environmental Health Association of Ireland