• Retreats

    A chance to STOP, take a step back and refresh, with a focus on future progress

Introducing you and your team to a fascinating, distinctive and new well-being experience which will move your people to a higher ground.



As it is a programme which will captivate people and inpires pushing boundaries.



A programme delivered ina setting steeped in history and home to Arthur Guinness's first brewery. We integrate this history as well as Irish folklore into our creative programmes.



A programme which is holisitic in content, focusing on the body, mind and personal environment of each individual, which will allow the participant to discover more about themsleves and what well-being means to them. It will also highlight what well-being means to others on their team and how each particitpant can inlfuence the well-being of the team as a whole.



With our combined resources;

skills and experiences as well as combining the beauty and folklore of Leixlip Manor and Gardens, we create an exciting well-being programme for you and your team.


We create a programme

which brings you through a holistic experience, working on the body and mind of each participant as well as integrating that into a team setting.



There are 3 Stages

we take you through to ensure this programme meets your teams individual and collective needs





We do a short survey which is undertaken prior to each retreat. This allows each member of your team to have input into the day. We are thenable to develop a more tailor-made programme for your company's needs.


2. Pre-read document

which will give you an overview of the programme for the retreat.







We will work through interactive exercises, story-telling and physical and mental activities allowing all participants to connect with themselves and with each other as a team.




        We always work with clients in order to ensure that the experiences and learning they have during our programmes are sustainable ones. We provide each participant with material they can use in order to create a habit of these new learnings


9am - Irish Welcome  

You will be led into the lounge area where a spread of Irish tea, porter cake and homemade brown bread will be offered. 

Kickstart Your Day 

It involves our recommended way to kickstart your day, including: A meditation of Mag Aonghusa “the chosen one” Salmon of LEAP exercise or yoga routine 

This is something your team can use to destress at home or even during work hours. 
(participants will be given a meditation/yoga or exercise routine to take home) 


Tree of Knowledge 

(the Hazel tree, as such, is considered the hazel Tree of Knowledge in Irish tradition) 
A visual metaphor in which a tree represents your life and the various elements that make it up–past, present, and future. We explore as individuals and/or as a team 
This is done through a tree of life hike / orienteering route or obstacle course incorporating the history of the Leixlip and the surrounding environs. 





This is an opportunity for all to get to know each other a ‘rolling table or buffet style lunch’ which allows the participant to easily connect with others. 
Participants will be moved after each course. They will be given some points of discussion.

Trace your Roots 

Neil’s (or a local inspiration such as Arthur Guinness) personal journey of discovery. Presenting, how he did it? And exploring with the participants ‘how they could do it?’  

Create your own Folklore! 

We help the participants make a crucial connection: between your past, present and future. They will create a new story. This story is their story to a higher ground. 
This is done with professional coaches in the either of these areas; Improvisation, Wire walking or fire walking. 

4.30pm - Bonfire 

In the time of the Celts there were midsummer festivals where animal bones were burnt to ward off evil spirits. Here we will burn our 'fears' and issues which is blocking your team’s freedom as individuals and as a collective. 
It also symbolises the self-gifting of the ‘powerful’ learnings of this programme to overcome their more draining attributes.