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How I Train You?

I'm going to tell you something that may throw you! I should have a personal trainer myself. Yeah, I'm serious. This is something I tell all my clients.


Why you may ask? Well, for one sole purpose, accountability. Yeah, I know the best routines, strategies, how to motivate and inspire others, but when I was experiencing low periods I would find it very difficult to train.

I would inspire all around me but when it came to myself, I would let myself down.


Does this sound familiar? Okay maybe not the depression or anxiety or feeling low but the fact at times you let yourself down.

Since completing my Sport, Fitness, Health & Nutrition Development Degree in 2002 I have worked with clients on a one-to-one, a group basis either face-to-face or online.

My aim for all my clients is to train them so they DO NOT NEED ME ANYMORE. Yes, that's right I want you to reach a level where your training is a habit and sustainable.


The most important part of training/personal training is the PERSONAL part. Each client is different, has a different personality, different aim. The training is about you and not the trainer. I feel some trainers lose this and neglect the personal part. I find ways which will inspire you to continue on your journey.

You know why? Because YOU deserve it! Your FAMILY deserves it, to have you healthy and in top shape.

Some Of What We Do!

  • I wanted to get out RUNNING but hadn’t done it in years and I wasn’t sure the body was up to it. Neil provided great advice and guidance. He even introduced me to trail running, which has become a passion. Getting out into the mountains, enjoying nature and clearing the head after a busy day/week of work is great. With Neil’s help, within a couple of months I even managed to finish the Maurice Mullins Half, a 25km run along the Wicklow Way. I highly recommend Neil
    William Townsend