RipMOVEment programmes were developed by Neil in order to Refocus and Inspire People's Movement. The programmes under this label were put in place to help you achieve a higher ground, something more for yourself, to create the life you want.


Nobody knows more than Neil as to how difficult life can be. having suffered silently for over 21 years from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, neil found even the simplest of tasks insurmountable. He felt so alone, lost and out of place. he believed this life life was not for him, he seemed to be the only one struggling on a daily basis. It was something he couldn't understand and often questioned. Why he couldn't be the same as everyone else.

Lough Tay, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

One of the many beautiful workout locations Neil introduces you to.

Carrauntoohil, Co. Kerry

Ireland's highest mountain


Neil did a Sports Development degree and has worked in the area for over 20 years, working with many clients home (Ireland) and abroad, motivating and inspiring others to be the best they can be, YET he struggled from one day to the next, neglecting himself physically and mentally; not working out, not running, not taking time out for himself.

Having revealed his mental health problems Neil realised he wasn't alone, there were many others of all ages and backgrounds struggling just like he was. Also realising there were people to help but still he wasn't always ready to ask for that help

These programmes are developed for those you not ready to talk and share your problems, not ready to take action in public. Now you can take action on your own terms and in the privacy of your own home

The programmes consist of tools, resources and strategies you can use in order to 'win your day', create a habit and change your life for the better.


This is all about making you self-sufficient and your journey a sustainable one. The programme trains you so YOU DO NOT NEED US ANYMORE.


What makes these programmes unique is the amount of resources we provide for you in the form of ebooks and videos. And what really makes these programmes unique is that we film all the workouts and meditations in the great outdoors, so you get to experience the beauty of places like Ireland and Ibiza in Spain.

What Neil's Clients say:

  • I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Neil. He is an expert in his field not only focusing on goals but on getting results. He understands the needs of long distance runners and athletes as well as personal training in the gym. I found Neil very easy to get on with as well as creative, making training both fun and varied. I look forward to working together again in the future!
    Roy McHugh
    Retail Transformation Manager at Three Ireland
  • Neil was extremely focused on the personal training programme designed to suit my lifestyle & needs. Overall excellent results & continued interest in my progress.
    Mary Corkery
    Barrister at Law
  • Neil is an incredible personal trainer and one that I have recommended constantly. He understands all personal needs and how to best get the right results in your required amount of time. I got great satisfaction with my early results and started to feel at home in the gym with Neil’s presence. Neil is incredibly punctual and did his utmost to make each personal training session feel so different from the last. Thank you Neil.
    Emma Greene
    Administrative Office Manager at BSkyB
  • Neil is a one of those trainers that you both hate and love at the same time - hate because he works you so hard that you want to cry (which is a good thing!) and love because he is really encouraging and pushes you to work harder than you have before! In just one month people were noticing the difference! I also was loads fitter and much more confident in my technique. If you need to get back in shape and want a trainer who is actually personable and truly cares about your progress go to Neil and he'll help you out!
    Ananya Mandal
    Internal Project Manager at Bright Horizons
  • Neil is outstanding to work with! He really motivates you to do your best. Every workout is creative, which I love! He really tries to make sure you're doing different things and having a good time while doing it. I've seen great results since working out with Neil and would highly, highly recommend him as a personal trainer!
    Cassie McEnroe James
    Account Manager- GA Public Sector, State of Georgia
  • With a reoccurring back problem I was hesitant of the idea of personal training or bootcamps. With Corefit I received an in-depth personalised workout, and have continued to receive excellent guidance and care in a motivational environment. As a result of this my back has become recognizably stronger and is no longer a constant worry. I would highly recommend Neil for anyone looking to build their fitness, increase their stamina while having a bit of fun!
    Sarajane ffrench O' Carroll
    Freelance fashion stylist and costume designer
  • I have not only used Neil's services as a personal trainer but we have also worked together on some events. I always find Neil to be enthusiastic, creative and reliable with a huge expertise in his field. I have no hesitation in recommending anybody who is looking for a no-nonsense approach to great results to use Neil.
    Alan Ryan
    CEO Hardman Ltd
  • I would recommend Neil to anyone motivated to getting fit and keen to work with a personal trainer who knows exactly what he is doing. Great energy, knowledge and experience. If you are a runner Neil understands clearly the training requirement of distance runners particularly well. Highly recommended.
    Dave Riordan
    Recruitment Specialist & Career Coach at Chartered Accountants Ireland
  • Neil is the best personal trainer I have worked with. He has delivered great results in a short space of time. His training is always varied and interesting. I have no hesitation in endorsing Neil as a top rate personal trainer
    Owen Daly
    Owner Haven Pharmacy Kennellys Tralee
  • Having come to fitness later in life Neil was there to guide me through every step. Firstly I was interested purely in running, whereby Neil guided me through several 10k's, a Half and two Full Marathons. Later I wanted to supplement running with strength training. Again Neil was on hand, creating taylor-made programmes to suit my needs and ensuring that I got results by getting to the core of why and what I wanted to achieve. I recommend Neil's holistic approach to health, fitness and general well-being to anybody who wants to implement lifelong programmes that get results. From nutrition to suitable fitness programmes Neil's friendly, personable and genuine approach and advice has ensured that I have achieved my goals, while also managing to maintain and incorporate health and fitness into my everyday life!
    Colm O' Mahony
    Political and Administrative Professional
  • Neil is a great motivator, leader and believer in new, exciting and effective fitness training methods. Neil has advised and worked with me on developing training programs for rowing, running and cross country skiing. Working with Neil, you will 1). Never get bored. 2). Improve each week. 3). Look forward to every workout 4). Get real measurable results.
    Paul Griffin
    Olympic Rower
  • Neil is a motivating, experienced personal trainer who is 100% committed to working with you to achieve your goals be it for weight loss, fitness or achieving that PB! Neil took the time to understand what goals I wanted to achieve and what was driving me to achieve them. His workouts are challenging with varied programmes so you don't get bored. Working with Neil is fun and rewarding!If you want results and are prepared to put the effort in, Neil is the guy to go to!
    Emma Daly
    Project Services Director at Aspira
  • Neil is an excellent fitness coach. He is friendly and helpful and knows his stuff!
    Michael Benson
    CEO at Benson & Associates
  • Neil has a detailed knowledge of his subject and is totally expert in training. He is always punctual and totally up to date on the latest techniques and is extremely reliable. I have had great results and will continue to go to Neil.
    Anne Marie James
    Partner at Kirwan McKeown James
  • Neil was brought in to train the Kerry ladies football squad. His brief was to mix up the training and do something different. Neil achieved these goals and the management and squad were impressed with his efforts
    William O'Sullivan
    Sports Professional