RipMOVEment was set up by Neil in order to Refocus and Inspire People’s Movement. The programmes under this label were put in place to help you achieve a higher ground, something more for yourself, to create the life you want.

Nobody knows more than Neil how difficult life can be. Having suffered silently for over 21 years with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, Neil found even the simplest of tasks insurmountable. He felt so alone, lost and out of place. He believed this life was not for him, he seemed to the only one struggling on a daily basis. It was something he couldn’t understand and often questioned, why he couldn’t be the same as everyone else.

Neil did a Sports Development degree and had worked in the area for over 20 years, working with many clients home (Ireland) and abroad, motivating an inspiring others to be the best they can be, YET he struggled from one day to next, neglecting himself physically and mentally, not working out, not running, not taking time out for himself.

Having revealed his mental health problems Neil realised he wasn’t alone, there were many others of all ages and backgrounds struggling just like he was. Also realising there were people willing to help but still he wasn’t always ready to ask for that help.

Over the last 5 years, Neil has worked hard to develop tools and strategies to use on a daily basis to ‘win his day’ and empower himself to manage his own mental health problems.

RipMOVEment is a series of programmes Neil has developed in order to allow you to face your own problems face on. Do you feel you are not ready to talk to someone about your problems? Do you don’t feel up to going to the crowded gym? or Do you feel you just don’t have time for yourself? Well, if you answered YES to any of the above questions then these programmes are for you.  Do you feel you need something easily accessible? Do you need something you could use on the spot, even if you are in work, in a park or in your bedroom? Then if YES, these programmes are for you.

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