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One tool i use to win my days, weeks and months, is that i set goals. This keeps me present and focused. A goal was to get to tell my story on RTE radio 1. Achieving this has led me to grow personally and build on my confidence.


RTE Radio 1 – Ray D’Arcy Show


Neil chats with Kathryn Thomas about his experience with mental health problems, which he hid for 21 years.



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Spin 1038 - Sarina Bellissimo


Neil chats all things health with Sarina, specifially targeting her youthful audience.

Kerry Radio

Neil spoke to Kerry radio's Deirdre Walsh, about his experiences with mental health problems, on her show Talkabout

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Sunshine Radio 106.8 - Lynsey Dolan


Neil had a weekly slot talking all things health.



What Neil's audience have Said:

  • You spoke very well. Speaking out takes a lot of courage.
    Lorraine Fleming
    Kerry Radio Listener
  • Well said Neil
    Cintha Moorhead
    Kerry Radio Listener
  • Awesome Man! Very inspirational and brave.
    James Purcell
    RTE Radio 1 Listener
  • Great piece - as always you spoke excellently. People will have been helped
    Padraig Hartnett
  • Well done Neil. Wise words once again!
    Tanya Coyne
    RTE Radio1 Listener
  • My god Neil. What a piece. Well done. Very inspiring for everyone that needs help and to everyone that is suffering
    Denise Claffey
    RTE Radio 1 Listener
  • Well done you told my story too definitely needs to be spread
    Bernice Cahill McCarthy
    RTE Radio 1 Listener
  • Very well explained
    Tommy Brosnan
    RTE radio 1 Listener
  • Well done Neil. Courageous. This will help others.
    Alice Kennedy
    RTE Radio 1 Listener