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    Back On Track


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What Neil's audience have Said:

  • You spoke very well. Speaking out takes a lot of courage.
    Lorraine Fleming
    Kerry Radio Listener
  • Well said Neil
    Cintha Moorhead
    Kerry Radio Listener
  • Awesome Man! Very inspirational and brave.
    James Purcell
    RTE Radio 1 Listener
  • Great piece - as always you spoke excellently. People will have been helped
    Padraig Hartnett
  • Well done Neil. Wise words once again!
    Tanya Coyne
    RTE Radio1 Listener
  • My god Neil. What a piece. Well done. Very inspiring for everyone that needs help and to everyone that is suffering
    Denise Claffey
    RTE Radio 1 Listener
  • Well done you told my story too definitely needs to be spread
    Bernice Cahill McCarthy
    RTE Radio 1 Listener
  • Very well explained
    Tommy Brosnan
    RTE radio 1 Listener
  • Well done Neil. Courageous. This will help others.
    Alice Kennedy
    RTE Radio 1 Listener