The Importance of spreading my unique message




The Irish Times

This article seemed to resonate with a lot of people but also created an awareness about mental health problems for those who don't have such problems. The article was the most read piece in the Irish Times that week with well over 100,000 hits.




The Examiner

Neil talks about the photography project he undertook to help give us an insight into living with depression







Neil gave a great insight into what it is like to live with anxiety.









Neil gives a raw account of his experience with mental health problems.


What Neil's audience have Said:

  • With people like you breaking their silence, the stigma of mental illness will evaporate
    Daithi Ui Clarmhic reader
  • Thanks Neil. Each time someone like you speaks openly and honestly about their mental health, our society breathes a little sigh of relief, a little light gets in....
    Irish Times reader
  • Some good advice here for those that need it form a genuine man
    Peter McMahon