It was decision time. Accept my depression and address it or…….the inevitable!! Reality has hit, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE IT; you can lose yourself but you will be found, you can move but you cannot hide, you can accept it and begin to move on.

I’m not after sympathy or a pat on the back, I just want to share my story and let people know how grateful I am to be here to share. I know I am one of the lucky ones.

Follow my journey of accepting, addressing and managing this unwanted condition. Get to know me;past and now present. Follow my path to freedom overcoming the inevitable battles through strength, courage and much needed and appreciated ongoing support in the hope I attain a once unconceivable notion, brighter future. Granted one that may still walk hand in hand with depression, but one that will not bow down anymore.

Throughout my two decades with ‘BIG D’ (depression) I have tried and tested many tools in the hope to overcome each individual battle. Realising that if I am to have any success I needed to focus on three areas; my mental health, my physical health and my nutrition. This focus has kept me ‘in life’, with the hope and want to carry on.

My journey is not just about me, it is about those close to me. The impact this revelation has on them is something I will never understand. We are coming at this issue from totally different stand; For me there is no or was no hope, no point to life, the light I see is the ‘light of death’, that is my freedom, to my loved ones there is always hope, they will protect me and guide me to their light, the ‘light of life’.

You have to remember these are all my own thoughts and feelings. Some of these posts were written when I was at my lowest, others are written on reflection.

My hope is you can gain or take something from my thoughts. Not only you the sufferer but also you the carer.

Thanks for your support



One thought on “About

  1. Hey Neil, great to meet you yesterday in Regus – i must say you come across so different on the video from the engaging, active & passionate person i met yesterday. Clearly that’s the problem with depression, and I cant even begin to imagine how difficult it is to manage that constant swing in your emotions. In any case, you’ve loads to live for and loads to enjoy given all the things you said youre doing right now, and most importantly helping other people to cope, handle and just be aware. You’ve made a massive difference to my awareness in just 12 hours, so youre doing an incredible job!!! Well done, keep up the good fight and see you soon hopefully.

    Cheers, Rob

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