Who is Neil?

Let me be honest with you. This is a question I could never really answer, until 4 years ago. Why 4 years ago you may ask. Good question! On the 14th April 2014, my life was saved, that was the day I revealed for the very first time about my ongoing struggles with depression, anxiety and daily suicidal thoughts.

On that beautiful morning, I talked about something I couldn’t really explain. I talked to someone who didn’t fully understand, but I kept talking and to this day I keep on talking and that is why I am here today.

It is not an easy road, it is filled with uncertainty, obstacles, self-doubt or as I like to call it ‘Snakes & Ladders of Mental Health’, but I kept going through it all and let me tell you it is worth it. The peaks outweigh the lows.

I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with so many others experiencing similar problems and be able to offer advice and support, helping others to achieve the little wins each day.

I am here to offer you a near tangible insight into life with mental health problems, showing you how can be a support to those in need. I am also here to offer support, advice, tools and strategies which I have developed over the last number of years in order to ‘win my day’ and ultimately live the life I now know I deserve.


Neil has worked with a diverse range of target groups with the objective of overcoming barriers to them sharing equally in the economic, cultural and social aspects of life.

Neil was combining work fulltime with his Law Studies in UCC and was ready to sit the Kings Inns Bar exams, before deciding to set up his own business and follow his passion.


Neil has a degree from University College Cork in Law along with a diploma in Youth & Community Work. He also has a degree in Sports & Health Development from I.T Tralee. Neil has also completed the Mental Health First Aid Course which is now recognised in over 23 countries.


Neil has delivered training, workshops and developed programmes in a variety of areas including mental health, fitness, weight loss, well-being, goal setting, coaching & Leadership. he has worked with and across a variety of organisations in the public and private sectors.


Since revealing about his own battle with depression and anxiety Neil has made a conscious effort to make dreams and follow passions. This has led home to become trained in the areas of Acting – Training in many techniques including Checkov & Meisner & Improvisation, which he creatively incorporates into his delivery style for talks, workshops, conferences and programme development.

Acting (CBS Reality TV Show)


Running (Chamonix, Mont Blanc)


Neil can be often found running around the mountains of Ireland and is an avid ultrarunner and is often found competing in running events ranging from 24-hour track runs to 190km mountain runs.

Family day out


When you come out the other side of challenging times, you realise how important family are. This is where you can truly be yourself. They are what really count. Family!







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