My darkness into light experience!

Saturday 7th May saw the 8th 'darkness into light' 5km event in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. Start time 4.15am problem for me getting up, as I'm an early riser each morning. We drove, the family, to the Phoenix Park, then in a 'not so clever' moment of inspiration, 2 nephews (9 and 11) … Continue reading My darkness into light experience!


7 Steps I took TODAY to turn my DEPRESSION around in EIGHT hours!

Suprise!! Guess Who! I have heard it said; when one is an  'experienced' sufferer of depression or anxiety, they can forecast an impending bout of this depression or anxiety. To be honest, I'm not convinced. Surely one of depressions strengths is to just arrive, unannounced, ready to take over physically and mentally. Don't get me … Continue reading 7 Steps I took TODAY to turn my DEPRESSION around in EIGHT hours!

Win From Within!

'To externalise or not to Externalise, that is the question'. After many years fighting the urge to leave this 'painful' world, in order to find eternal peace, I realised unexpectedly, that this so-called eternal peace could only come in life. As the very insightful Shakespeare's Hamlet informs 'For in that sleep of death what dreams may … Continue reading Win From Within!


 Where to start? It can be hard to know where to start or to get back into your training routine. You may not have trained for a number of personal reasons; injury, sickness, achieved your goal, no time, loss of interest, lack of energy or motivation to name a few. Working with many clients coming … Continue reading DO’S AND DON’T S FOR BEGINNING EXERCISE!