7 Steps I took TODAY to turn my DEPRESSION around in EIGHT hours!

Suprise!! Guess Who!

I have heard it said; when one is an  ‘experienced’ sufferer of depression or anxiety, they can forecast an impending bout of this depression or anxiety. To be honest, I’m not convinced. Surely one of depressions strengths is to just arrive, unannounced, ready to take over physically and mentally. Don’t get me wrong we can identify certain triggers and go into damage limitation. But is it really possible to pre-empt, for example, social situations taking a turn for the worse, a seemingly meaningless word from a friend, family or foe slicing through you like a dagger. The truth is, we can never truly know when a bout is incoming. Usually, once you realize it’s happening then you are in the height of (or the low) of depression.

If we were able to predict our low times, then we would be able to battle down the hatches and deal with it without much cause for concern, then that in turn would make depression or anxiety less of a challenge, that is in an ideal world me thinks!

IT IS NOT THAT EASY but it is achieveable!!

Depression and anxiety are unpredictable, that means you the sufferer too, are unpredictable. Those  dark, unwanted feelings flood and drain your body, smother your brain, all in a matter of seconds and before you know it BANG!!  we have hit the floor. It is lights out, nights out, time out!! To come back from that is tough, you know what, very fucking tough, we tend to try to ride it out, not knowing how long it will take, just riiiiiiidddddde it ooouuuttttt!!!! Nobody can help, I just have to ride it out ALONE!!! Sure I am always ALONE anyways.

This ‘riding it out’ seems like the only option, I think it was Lincoln (please correct me if I am wrong) who used to lock himself away in a room until the mist had lifted (depression cleared). Is this really ideal, well not for me. You don’t know how long it will last orhow often it will come back. Can you realistically hide time after time after time……after time. NO YOU Can’t!! If you want to manage it correctly, if you want to live a full life, you have to get to know it (refer to my previous post ‘Win from Within‘) That is not dealing with it (effectively), it is accepting that it can dictate your life, if that happens then it WILL dictate relationships, work, sport and social. It WINS!!! End of……….


I am often asked the question, how and when does it go?, does it get better? I will let you in on a little secret, YOU GET BETTER, you get to know yourself better, you get to know depression better, you become better equipped to deal with it and live a happy life.You have to find the baby steps that will allow you to manage and overcome each bout you experience.

My advice is to try new things which will allow you to

  1. shorten the low periods when they
  2. make them less frequent
  3. make them less intense
  4. still be productive
  5. still be social

So my steps turning around my depression

It will take you time to find YOUR steps, mine may help you, but trust me there are steps and exploring and finding them is very much worth while.

SO before I run through my steps, you need to release yourselves from asking why? why? why? why am I low? and just ACT – action is key


  1. Get out of where you are. Usually, you are alone, usually at home, so change the scenery, just get out of there. If someone else is in the house inform them about what you are doing.
  2. Go somewhere different, a cafe, the cinema, coffee to people watch or by some paSomewherehere that will be a distraction. Somewhere that will make you feel GOOD.
  3. Get some exercise. A nice stroll on your way to the new location will suffice. Something where you can again occupy your mind.
  4. I like to listen to music but, when in this state, more upbeat tunes or a tune that reminds me of good times.
  5. Be good to yourself. Get an icecream , popcorn at the cineam, something as a feel good factor but also as a kind of reward for taking ACTION
  6. WHen you have found a nice spot to relax, maybe take out a novel (not a self help book), and occupy your mind with that or listen to some more music while people watching.
  7. Then try to do something productive, it can be anything, anything at all, work etc, but something that will give you a little sense of achievement and that the has not been lost *

This is not just something I can do, it took me time to get here. It is work in progress to go through these steps when I get low. But, I know I have saved precious time and energy and brought myself another step closer in the battle with depression.

*remember when you take YOUR steps to beat your depressive state, that is not a lost day, that is being productive all on its own. You have to realise, if you didn’t take those steps , you may have lost the next day and the one after that. Well DOne YOU


Please share your tips. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for listening.



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