World Suicide prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Week

So this week is World Suicide Prevention Week and it’s great to see people sharing posts through social media to further create awareness of the epidemic that is suicide.Well done all.

I have often wondered how we/society can prevent suicide. Is it even possible to prevent? Can you prevent something that  1) you may know nothing about and 2) is an unknown, by this I mean we do that know exact numbers affected (see WHO report below), who is affected or why someone would take such action. Can there ever be a common cause?

‘According to the recently released World Health Organization (WHO) report: Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative, over 800,000 people die by suicide across the world each year. The report notes that this estimate is conservative, with the real figure likely to be higher because of the stigma associated with suicide, lack of reliable death recording procedures, and religious or legal sanctions against suicide in some countries’

I believe that to be a conservative estimate. Added to this conservative estimate think about this; how many more people are constantly thinking of suicide, feeling it is the only way out,  this would be an alarming number!! I ask such a question because I thought about suicide every day, I had ‘no other option’. So think about this; Who do you NOT know about?


I wanted to add to this awareness, to maybe shed some light on some steps one can take to address suicide. The below clip is the first video posted on this blog. Here I speak openly, having decided to go, to leave, to follow the light….to die. I was at peace with my decision, it was the only option, the only way I would not suffer anymore, the one and true answer to everything. Best for me, my family and friends. Before you ask, why did I feel this low, I must have had a hard life.No my life was not full of hardship, there are millions of people that have far greater hardship and endure much more suffering than I do, suffering in ways I could not even imagine. However, every day, every single day for over 21 years I struggled, I hit severe lows, I thought about suicide, my get out!!

The Why?

I just came across a post by a lady on a facebook page dedicated to WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY. Her cousin ended his life yesterday, she doesn’t understand why he did it? That is probably the most asked question in the wake of such a devastating event but also one, I believe, with no definite answer. Why do I say no definite answer? Well, because I feel those who end their lives or are thinking about it do not fully understand or know the why themselves, ending their life is seen as ‘the only option’ available. This is the sad reality. I asked myself why do I get low, why me, when will it stop, how do I make it stop…question after question, time after time. This didn’t fill me with any answers, just more questions and deeper and more frequent lows. When I decided to stop asking the WHY, I started my new journey of recovery, recovering my lost life, my focus and recovering a future, a new future. I focused on managing each low period or bout of anxiety and dealing with the present one without focusing on when the next would attack and catch me off-guard. Gradually things changed, with the support of counselling, family and friends and my new mindset I managed each low, noticing now they were less frequent and less crippling. Yes I still get low and sometimes bouts of anxiety but I am now in a better position to deal with it.

Are you thinking about suicide?

Are you thinking about suicide or do you know someone who is suicidal? Take it from me, it is not the only option, it is not the answer. Yes that light , the light of peace which will help end the spinning thoughts , the elimination of the negative thinking , all that physically comes with it, sick to the pit of your stomach, heavy heads, racing heart and the awful feeling of anxiety shaking uncontrollably through your entire body, yes it  is very appealing, as it is probably the first time you feel you know the answer to all your problems. But look at me, take it from me death is not the only answer. Did you know, this year, at the ripe old age of 36 I realised that not everyone thinks about suicide, let alone think about it every day. Not everybody sees it as an option. Guys, it is not the answer, after 21 years I inadvertently spoke to someone about where I was at and in the following months I slowly and gradually opened the pressure valve and let 21 years of pain and suffering out.


Anything is possible. My belief, again this is my opinion, the person contemplating suicide holds all the cards. You have to want to live, you have to realise living is the only real option, living is best option. You have to want it. I started to want it.

Others can’t save us unless WE WANT TO BE SAVED. We hide these thoughts of suicide very well, you may never know who we are; I was the outwardly confident, always smiling sporty type, but I am only one type.

What you CAN do is notice people; the strict teacher, the stressed out business professional, the playboy, the comedian, the teenager, the elderly next door neighbour, the work colleague sat next to you, the troublesome child, YOUR CHILD, YOUR MOM, YOUR DAD, YOUR SIBLING……… take notice, PLEASE!!!

Me today CAN be you Tomorrow
Me today CAN be you Tomorrow

This is me (photo today 11th September 2015), alive and well. Managing my depression and now living my new life the way I want to.



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